Top 5 tips for Instagram & your business

Social media is not showing any signs of disappearing – in fact your perfect customers are checking their phones between 40 and 90 times per day!! Let that sink in for a moment. But gone are the days when they are simply sending a text or sending a snake around the screen (god I loved my Nokia). Your fans and future fans are searching social media looking to learn and looking to love the people, brands and businesses they have and want in their lives. Instagram are constantly raising their game, recently this week unveiling  Instagram Stories a new feature that lets you share all the moments of your day, not just the ones you want to keep forever. But before you fall down that rabbit hole, here are some tops tips for making Instagram work for your business and turn digital traffic into the sweet sound of tills ringing.

  1. Have a plan

Creating success from your business’s Instagram account becomes a lot more inevitable if you plan out what exactly you’re going to do with your profile. Because it is a highly visual platform, businesses should publish quality images but the style, content and message need to be considered. Whilst showcasing images of product, people, quotes and behind the scenes shots, with a plan you’ll ensure you’re creating the right balance of content for your followers.

  1. Practise getting the perfect shot

Experiment with angles, lighting and filters to ensure you get the perfect shot. Take your time especially when photographing your food and drinks. Dark, out of focus or strange backgrounds kill any appetite for the product so take lots of pictures adjusting the lighting etc and carefully pic the best one.

  1. Post regularly and at the right time

Consistency is key when trying to build up your fan base online. Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither is a hugely engaged and buzzing Instagram account! Ideally a business would post interesting content 3 times a day but that is hard work when starting out! If daily is again too much start with 3 times a week and as your confidence grows so can your number of posts. Ideal times are not when you are free to do it, like at 2am after work! When are your customers scrolling through Instagram? Are they commuting on a train at 5.30pm? Or perhaps on their lunch break at 1pm? Post at times when your fans and followers will be looking other wise they may see nothing from you at all.

  1. Use a call to action to increase engagement

Feel free to ask your followers to get involved. Simply asking a question, or by asking for their opinion in the comments your post becomes much more engaging and interesting to people seeing your post. And you might just learn something!

  1. Use great hashtags to attract the right followers

For restaurants and bars, using relevant hashtags can gain great followers. Popular food hashtags include : #Foodie #FoodPorn #Nomnomnom #Hungry #CleanEating but if you are not a national chain, finding local people to follow your page could actually drive footfall into your establishment, so include at least one hashtag to record the town or area you are in.

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