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Photography for your venue has never been more important than today. Your customers (and potential customers) are now able to play judge and jury of your business before even stepping foot inside and ordering anything – just with the power of your pictures. Now I would always, ALWAYS support the use of a professional photographer when it comes to launching a menu or creating content for your website. HOWEVER your social media needs to be punchy and regularly updated with fresh and fine photography and if you haven’t got the budget to put a full time photographer on the payroll (no one has that budget!) it can be done with the technology sitting in your back pocket and you can become your own David Bailey*.

(*Legal disclaimer : You probably won’t be quite as good but hey you can try).

Food and drinks have become an exciting new genre in photography. They make incredible subjects for still iPhone photography. No matter what you may think, it is more than just snapping what’s on your plate. To make full use of the beautiful colours, shapes and textures of your food and drinks, you have to follow certain aesthetic guidelines. Here are some of my top tips for photographing food and drinks from your iPhone

Let there be (natural) light!

You want your photographs to accurately capture the essence of your food and drinks. Using artificial light can distort the colours of your photographs. On an overcast day, you may decide to shoot outdoors to make the best use of natural light. However, when shooting indoors, you can use natural light from the windows to brighten up your subject.

Use Backgrounds that Compliment Your Subject

Make sure that you do not use too messy or colourful background as this will take the attention away from your subject towards the background. It is best to use a plain background that complements the food. Wooden tables and table cloths can provide excellent backdrops for your amazing food and drinks photographs.

Choose the Best Angle

When capturing photographs from your iPhones, you must choose the best angle from which to shoot. Shooting from above is one good option. It lets you focus on the details of the food. You may also decide to shoot from one side if you want to highlight the features of a cake or a muffin. There is also the option of shooting diagonally. This allows you to have a three-dimensional view of the subject.

Embellish the Scene

Although your subject and its background are the most essential parts of your photograph, you can also make efforts to decorate the scene to enhance the photograph. Food items such as berries or chocolate pieces may be placed beside your delicious food or drink to make them more enticing. Also, you can add certain non-food items like colourful spoons or attractive cutlery to go with the subject.

Create a Compelling Story

Like words, images can also describe a story. Add elements to your food and drink photos that tell something more to the viewer. You can add an open book or a hot cup of coffee to convey a relaxed atmosphere. Candles can set a romantic mood and champagne a scene of celebration.

Want to become a ninja in the iPhone photography world? Or maybe you just want a hell more likes on your Instagram page? My Food & Drink Photography Course is coming soon to www.RaisetheBar.Academy. Be sure to sign up for news about the launch date.

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