Marketing ideas for your business on a small budget

Sometimes the thought of marketing your business can throw up a number of fears in your mind. The two major fears being, do I know how to do this and can I afford to do this? Well on my Academy (of course) the how’s take care of themselves but here are 5 top tips that cost absolutely nothing! Enjoy.

  1. Harness the power of Facebook live

Over the next 12 months Facebook Live is expected to take over our news feeds in a big way. Though going live across your businesses’ social media can feel pretty daunting, practice makes perfect and once you’ve given it a go it is likely to get a lot easier! Have a good think at what you’re going to be talking about or showing your audience before you hit the live button. Whether your team are singing an associate happy birthday or you’re keen to review a new product that has hit your shelves this is an incredible window into your business world that doesn’t cost a thing! Thanks Mr Zuckerburg.

  1. Offer to speak for free

Business conferences and networking events are always keen to have great guests to speak at their events and though you may not be well known in the speaking world, everyone starts somewhere. Contact event organisers with the title of your talk (and make it interesting) and offer them 5, 10 or 20-minute version of your talk. You could even record a quick preview on your phone and send it over to introduce them to your voice and speaking style. It is also great to get to know event staff at local hotels and venues. If someone pulls out at the last minute or is stuck in traffic they’ll be able to recommend you at the drop of a hat and if your topic is kept quite general most businesses will be happy to sit and listen to a great story.

  1. Donate your product/service to a charity auction

If there is a big charity event happening in your area, get in touch with the organisers and donate your services as an auction or raffle prize. With hundreds of potential customers listening to the host, this is a fantastic opportunity for people to hear about (and hopefully want to win) your product or service. Plus you’ll be helping out a good cause so that’s something to feel warm and fuzzy about as well!

  1. Create a video guide to your services (which people really want to see!)

Include some hints and tips to help solve an everyday problem for your customer and prove yourself to be an expert in your field! With a smartphone, some natural light and a little bit of confidence you can create your very own business advert that not only shows your skills but shows just how approachable and likeable your business is. Upload it to Youtube, your website and share via your social media platforms to stand out as a really helpful and knowledgeable person, and don’t forget to tell people exactly what services you offer so when they need you, you’re the first name that springs to mind.

  1. Sign your business up to Small Business Saturday

For free promotions of your business and services sign up to Small Business Saturday. Though it is officially held on December 3rd there are activities and support campaigns throughout the year that if you’re selected can shine a light on your business and hopefully generate sales. For more information and to sign up visit:

What are you waiting for? Rest assured if your competition are marketing you need to take a deep breath and get your business out there! For more ideas on how to harness the power of marketing via social media try out my free online course “An introduction to Social Media magic”.

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