Level The Hospitality Playing Field With Sales Through Service

Level The Hospitality Playing Field With Sales Through Service

How Restaurant Businesses Can Survive and Thrive in post-Lockdown Britain

Right now, the hospitality industry is in freefall. That should smack of desperation – and for many businesses, it will – but it’s also an opportunity to make the most of what you have.

When it comes to hospitality, the only reliable and trusted way of doing this is to deliver excellent service and drive up sales. The smart and strategic way to do this is to deliver service through sales – and Joy Zarine, from The Hospitality Masters, has just taken her new book, Sales Through Service, straight to number one on Amazon.

Writing with fellow hospitality service specialist, Deon Van Niekerk, Joy sets out the strategies that will set your business apart from the rest and give clear tactics that you can share with your staff, so that they can become a more valuable – and valued – part of your success story.

Rather than falling back onto the sticking plasters of the hospitality industry – sweeping discounts, vouchers and meals for pennies – Joy and Deon show you how you can find the sweet spot in the customer journey and reward the customer by delivering an experience they will want to repeat time and time again.

Joy and Deon can count on years over service experience and they know that the foundations of sustainable sales can only be found in selling through service. This is the case now, more than ever. Customers will soon return to the bars, pubs, clubs and restaurants of Britain, but they will be much-changed from the people who dined and drank before Lockdown. Eating out has simply become a much bigger deal than it has been for decades. It will require planning and consideration and will require greater client trust and reward than before.

With the threat of economic downturn almost a reality, there might be less money to spend and every pound will be harder won. Sales Through Service equips businesses to structure their customer journey and craft their experience – rather than throw a special into the mix like a cherry bomb, serving staff can take the time to tailor the businesses offering to the customers’ needs.

Sales Through Service is on sale on Amazon now via http://bit.ly/salesthroughservice

Joy Zarine, Author and Key Speaker said, “The Coronavirus Lockdown has transformed the hospitality industry beyond recognition. Longevity – and survival – is no longer decided by strength in numbers or buying power. With chains unable to sustain the shutdown, it has levelled the playing field for smaller brands and independent outlets. Sales Through Service empowers you and your staff to finesse your customers’ journey, whether you’re a beachfront café or a private members club. This – if you want it to be – can be your time.”

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