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Creating Success

We believe that success is not found in hiring the ultimate team to manage and grow your hospitality business.

Instead, the answer lies in a combination of training and practical implementation for your existing team.

Creating success is about developing your own individuals and arming them with a solid structure and robust tools to achieve more, and faster than ever before.


dictates performance

Creating the right environment is critical to success. There is no such thing as successful and unsuccessful managers and staff; virtually anyone with the right skills can become successful if they have the right environment to succeed.

The power of


We believe in a concept called ” The power of 1%”, based on the theory of marginal gains aggregation. We believe in focussing on improvements of just 1% margin in every area of the business. It is by making these slight adjustments, within 12 months the transformation is incredible.

Training Programmes

Management Acceleration Programme

Course Outline

Foundation Course – 12 Modules to Success

The Management Acceleration Programme enhances your ability to manage with competence and lead with purpose. Leave with the relevant perspectives and skills to work effectively across functions and cultures, expand your business expertise and strengthen your knowledge and skill sets.

*Study information: 12 x 3-hour workshops
*Delivered in person by Joy Zarine & Deon Van Niekerk
*One to One training available
*Enquire about the bespoke venue options

Ideal for: General Managers, Assistant Managers, Supervisors

Additional Information

12 part programme to transform your business through  

People, Processes and Systems.

We believe that the right people being held accountable with strong processes and systems in

place will lead them to create results. These three things all need to be aligned to optimise the opportunities for success. Often venues will put too much emphasis on processes but unless that is done in harmony with the people who will execute those processes, then the systems can easily break down.

Sales through Service

Course Outline

Foundation Course – Creating service that sells in your venue

Deliver better service by focusing on exceptional guest experiences. Build repeat business through increased guest loyalty and positive word-of-mouth advertising. Learn the language of sales to Increase spend per head and profits and turn your team from order-takers into your own sales force. Create successful and profitable marketing programs, improve results for the customer, the team and the business overall.

*Achievable & practical ways to improve service in your venue
*Increase sales and increase tips
*Reduce waste and control costs
*Train your team in delivering on experience

Additional Information

Study information: 1 x 3-hour workshop
Delivered in person by Joy Zarine & Deon Van Niekerk
One to One training available
Enquire about the bespoke venue options

Online training option – Coming Soon

Ideal for: Bar Staff, Floor Staff, Supervisors


Create an environment for development and high business growth. Improving the journey of the customer, the culture of the team and the leadership of the managers directing the business.


Build high-performance processes to support the people in the business that lead to improved results. Identify the key metrics for success and the processes required to achieve them.


Use the tools and support structures you need to grow and develop the business. Access to the right resources and the best external accountability monitoring services.

Training by Joy Zarine & Deon Van Niekerk


Joy Zarine

” I am passionate about creating incredible guest experiences and work environments that inspire. I develop managers to become leaders, to guide the business from strength to strength. “

I am a marketing and hospitality business consultant from London, UK.
For over fifteen years I have worked with industry leaders to create, market and build profitable, award-winning brands. I have worked with businesses of all sizes, from start-ups to millions in revenue. From independent five star restaurants to international brands and the world’s most popular venue The O2.

I am the author of best-selling book “The Five Star Formula – Create Incredible Guest Experiences That Lead To Five Star Reviews And An Award Winning Hospitality Business”. As a contributing writer for a number of pub, bar and restaurant magazines I am at the forefront of industry trends. I have a monthly marketing column as “The Marketeer” in Casual Dining Magazine. I speak passionately at industry and business events about the topics of Guest Experience, Marketing to Millenials and The Five Star Formula.

Deon Van Niekerk

” It’s so important to create an  environment where students can ask questions, discuss topics and find the pathway to becoming more confident and effective in fulfilling their roles whilst experiencing personal growth”

With over 30 years of experience as a manager and owner of some of London’s leading hospitality brands, I bring a wealth of experience across the entire business spectrum.

I get incredible results for my clients through training and implementation, carefully listening to their needs, analysing their requirements and delivering effective solutions. The results are they have improved businesses through the benefit of having confident, informed, trained and prepared staff.


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