5 tips to help you win this week…

If you ever feel like you’re always busy running on the hamster wheel of business (but actually going nowhere) these tips are for you. And what qualifies me in to speak on this topic ? I wore the busy badge for YEARS (with a lot of pride, I hasten to add) and wasted a lot of time.

Because my days were filled with to – do lists, I felt I was being super productive… wrong! After finally realising I was spending all my time in my business and not on my business I have figured out how to squeeze the most out of my day. Here are my top tips :

  1. Use AM hours for Action & PM hours for Planning.

Ok, confession time, I do work long hours (usually 7am – 7pm) but I work really hard to act smart with the time in my day. From 7AM – 11.59AM I work on ACTION. What needs to be done, that instant, gets done. I try to find my top 3 most important (the off putting tasks – yuk) and get them done. From sending emails, writing reports, setting my team tasks, updating clients with progress and work in the business. Then from midday after a quick stretch, some deep breaths and a few bites to eat I get PLANNING. Working through my goals and working ON my business.

  1. Get tech savvy.

Yes, technology can be the ultimate distraction, you can fall down the Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest hole for hours with the click of a button. However using the right technology to break the back of my day is essential.

Boomerang Email – This email tool enables me to write and schedule my emails in advance and no one knows (until they read this).

Evernote – A workhorse of an app that makes it easy to capture ideas, images, contacts and anything else you need to remember. Bring your life’s work together in one digital workspace and making it impossible to forget anything ever again.

Do not disturb A two second action on your phone with an endless amount of possibilities! Like most people, I struggle being without my I-phone for longer than a couple of hours but it is essential to cut out the disruption and get things done.

  1. Just say No.

Easier said than done, but saying “No” can have a huge uplift in productivity. In a world where everyone wants a chunk of your time, saying no to pointless meetings, client pitches you don’t really want to win (when you know, you know!), or favours for people who really don’t deserve your time, mean sometimes you have to say a big, fat, hairy NO. Ok, say it nicer than that. Say thank you, but no thank you and move on. The world will keep spinning and no one (worth while) will hate you for saying “No”. I promise.

  1. Get your priorities straight and focus on the golden goal.

Working out the END goal is my MOST important point. If you don’t know where you want to end up, then you’re on the motorway of business, passing hundreds of road signs, with NO clue where to turn off. When you work out your GOLDEN goal, the big scary dream with a deadline you can work out the map, prioritise your actions and make the best decisions you can to get there.

  1. Rewards (every little helps).

If your working week or month goals have a beautiful, big, sparkly tick next to them, take the time out to treat yourself. For years I struggled with patting myself on the back. Now, I set my goals and write out the treat I will earn if my goals get reached and targets get smashed. From a manicure, to a new outfit, night out at the cinema (in the posh section) or a spa day if I set out a goal and reach it, the reward is happening. No negotiation, we all need more carrot than stick in our lives.

What motivates you to be productive throughout the week and what (if any) of these tips are you going to try? Tweet me @JoyZarine and let me know. Happy Monday everyone!

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